Dedicated Internet Access

Atheer’s Dedicated Internet Access solutions are designed to support business critical Internet application with high speed connectivity and reliable Internet access. Unlike cable modems, your Dedicated Internet Connection is not shared with others so you are never competing for bandwidth when you want it. You get same speed for uploads and downloads which increases your productivity.
With Atheer’s Dedicated Internet Access, you will have the highest level of performance delivered over our highly dependable and redundant infrastructure with 24/7 network monitoring and customer support team. Below are the main features and carrier/providers
  1. Consistent speed. You get the same speed 24/7 for your business activities
  2. DIA is provided throughout the kingdom and over our highly available and fully redundant backbone.
  3. Flexible solutions offer options for access methods, speed and service options designed to meet your specific business requirements.
  4. DIA Service is supported by the most reliable technological Infrastructure at both the national and international level
  5. Dedicated Internet Access via STC (DIA)
  6. Dedicated Internet Access via Mobily (DDA)
  7. Dedicated Internet Access via Wireless from Faysalia POP or Atheeb