Take it Easy, with Atheer Easynet.............Internet, the way you want it!
Service Description:
This service provides the customers with direct internet access by calling Atheer Easynet number 366 0333 without having to subscribe or buy internet cards.
Service Benefits: 
  • Saves time.
  • No Username & Passwords.
  • No need to buy internet card.
  • No need to set-up proxies
  • No Limit.
Service Fees: 
  • Installation Fees: Free.
  • Subscription Fees: Free.
  • Usage Fees: 5 Halala per minute (SR 3 per Hour). Customer will pay STC through his telephone bill. The amount includes connection fees and internet subscription.
  • How to obtain the service? 
  • Easynet works for all customers who have open access to dial-up internet.
If the customer has blocked his/her internet service, it can be readily activated by calling Alhatif Customer care 907